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Devs is a fully equipped development and gaming center coming to the Knoxville area in 2022.

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In Knoxville there is a huge gap between the interest in gaming, streaming, etc and what is financially available to the community. This is where Devs comes in; it bridges the gap for students, enthusiasts and low-income families while capitalizing on the large tourism industry. We will be offering a combination of professional/educational services as well as development spaces in partnership with UT while offering a competitive eSports center. Specifically, we want to give a platform to students and low-income peoples to help them pursue their dreams. We believe that streaming and gaming can not only provide a constructive way for young people to spend their time and develop their skills but also to advance economically. By offering classes to people at a low cost using these high end eSports PCs. We can help the youth in our community come out ahead of the curve.


Devs was built with Streamers in mind boasting custom built streaming rooms. Our facility and staff will help you kick your streaming career into high gear! Reguardless if your are an accomplished veteran or a newbie. Devs is where you can develop and grow your knowledge, skills and audience.

VR Ready

Devs Gaming has state of the art VR rooms. Leveraging both high end AMD and Intel machines to run fully immersive experiences.


In addition to gaming the Devs facility will be fully equipped to provide students and educators the tools/space they need to be successful in their respective STEM field. With workshops and educational programs that focus on technology; Devs allows you to round out your education with real world experience, qualify for an IT certificate or simply learn more about computer hardware.